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1. Joseph COLLIER 1,2 died on 16 Nov 1691 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.4,5,6

Death Notes: The inventory of his estate was valued at 220-06-00. Children listed at probate were Joseph (age 23), Mary Phelps (age 22), Sara Colyer (age 18), Elizabeth (age 16), Abel (age 14), John (age 12), Abigail (age 9), Susannah (age 7), Ann (age 4 1/2).

General Notes: He was the first of the name in Connecticut arriving about 1660. The circumstances of his birth and background prior to this time however are speculative. He married as his second wife Elizabeth Sanford of Hartford and lived in Pinefield near Hartford in 1666. He was chosen a chimney viewer in 1668 and was a freeman in 1671.

By 1635 there were at least three Collier (Collyer) families in Massachusetts: Thomas Collier, who settled in Hingham in 1635; William Collier, "Merchant Adventurers" who came to Plymouth Colony in 1633 and John Collier of Watertown and Sudbury. The fact that no birth record has been located to link our subject to these individuals suggests he was born in England.

A clue regarding his pedigree can be found in the will of a Joseph Collier [the elder] "citizen and grocer of London" dated 21 Aug 1648 and proved 28 Sep 1649. The will stated residence at St. Saviours Parish, Southwark, and among relatives mentioned were brother Abel, five sisters including "Mary Browninge in New England", wife Elizabeth and daughter Elizabeth Savage and her two children Hannah and Elizabeth Savage. His sons were mentioned as follows: "...Three hundred pounds to my son Samuel (to be paid at one and twenty) and the other two hundred pounds to my sons Joseph and Benjamin. To Joseph and Benjamin the lease of my dwelling house in Southwark &c. and my garden house near the upper ground in St. Saviours. To sons Joseph, Abel and Samuel all my household stuff and plate which I possessed of before I was last married to Elizabeth my now wife." Fifty pounds were also to be distributed amongst the (unidentified) children of his brother Abel and sisters. [Joseph the younger, a grocer like his father, died and was buried at St Saviours 15 Aug 1672.] It is significant that among the children of our subject were sons named Joseph and Abel and that the former also had sons named Joseph and Abel; Joseph being the first born and the next two being Abel (1) and Abel (2), a clear indication of a revered family name and suggesting a close family relationship. Perhaps Abel Collier, brother of Joseph [the elder], was the father of our subject.

Some say Joseph Collier was the son of William Collier (~1583-1671), who arrived at Plymouth Colony in 1633 accompanied by four daughters and three apprentices; John, Job and Daniel Cole (or Coe) and who immediately assumed a prominent role in the colony. The will of a Zaccheus Cole of St. Olave, Southwark, "citizen and grocer of London" dated 16 Nov 1630 appointed William Collier, grocer, also of St. Olave, as overseer. In this will Zaccheus named his brothers Nathaniel, John and Daniel Cole, and appointed his brother Job Cole executor. In New England, the will of John Cole dated 1637 refers to brothers Job and Daniel Cole, sister Rebecca and to Eliza Collier (William's daughter) and left legacies to each of Master Collyers men Edward, Joseph, Arthur, Ralph and John (the names of sons shown in the Mormon Church archive and of whom no other documentation can be found). The Plymouth tax list of March 1633 referenced; "Mr. Collier's men", a clear reference to the Cole brothers. "Master Collyers men" referenced in the 1637 will of John Cole must also have been apprentices or indentured servants at his residence.

William had twelve children born in England, eight of whom died young, several in the 1625 plague year. His only documented surviving children were four daughters who came with him to Plymouth Colony in 1633.The fact family lore exist that our subject was the son of William Collier however cannot be totally discounted. The obituary of a descendent, Ozias Goodwin Collier (1829 - 1885) said ...he was descended from William Collier of Plymouth Colony, who came to New England in 1633, and who was a Commissioner of the United Colonies in 1643.

This writer believes that our subject may have been the son of Abel (or Abell), nephew of the aforementioned Joseph Collier [the elder] and that Joseph [the elder] and William Collier were related (both were "Grocers" from Southwark). Our subject, Joseph Collier probably arrived at Plymouth Colony by the year 1637 as a young teenager (or child) apprenticed (or indentured) by his family to William Collier (as one of "Master Collyers men") perhaps to escape the squalor and outbreaks of plague that were occurring at the time in London.

Joseph married Elizabeth SANFORD,1 daughter of Robert SANFORD 17,18 and Ann ADAMS,17,18 in 1667 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.16 Elizabeth was born on 16 Feb 1646 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut,19,20,21 died in Dec 1695 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut22 at age 49, and was buried on 31 Dec 1695 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut. Another name for Elizabeth was Elizabeth SANDFORD.

Death Notes: Her will was dated 27 Dec 1695, signed with her mark "X" instead of writing her name and presented the Hartford Count Court 5 Mar 1695-6. She gave to her son Joseph five pounds; to sons Abel and John certain personal estate, and to her daughter Mary Phelps of Simsbury, 40 shillings. To the children living at home was given the provisions laid up for family use, and the rest of the estate was to be divided among all the children except the two eldest, Joseph and Mary. Among the overseers she appointed were brothers Ensigns Zechariah Sanford and Robert Sanford.

Burial Notes: She was referred to as "Widow Collyer"

General Notes: She was admitted to full communion in the First Church of Hartford, August 14, 1692. She was present at the christening of Ann Collyer in 1695. Her will was probated on 27 December 1695.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 2 M    i. Joseph COLLIER Jr. 23 was born in 1668 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut,24,25,26 died on 25 Sep 1738 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut24,25,26,27 at age 70, and was buried in Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Connecticut.26

   3 F    ii. Mary COLLIER 28 was born in 1669 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut28 and died on 13 Mar 169728 at age 28.

Mary married Joseph PHELPS Jr.,28,29,30 son of Joseph PHELPS 31,32 and Hannah NEWTON,32,33 on 9 Oct 1689 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut.29 Joseph was born on 27 Aug 1667 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut30 and died on 20 Jan 1750 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut29 at age 82.

General Notes: Joseph and Mary (Collier) Phelps had three children. After Mary died he remarried Sarah Case with whom he had two children and then Mary Case with whom he had four children.

Noted events in his life were:

He was a farmer and represented the town of Simsbury in the General Assembly in 1709 and 1727. 30

   4 F    iii. Sarah COLLIER 28,34 was born in 1673 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut28,34 and died on 20 Nov 1730 in Colchester, New London, Connecticut34 at age 57.

Sarah married Joseph PRATT,28,35 son of John PRATT 35 and Hannah BOOSEY,35 on 22 Jul 1697 in Colchester, New London, Connecticut.36 Joseph was born on 6 Mar 1671 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut35 and died on 16 May 1740 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut35 at age 69.

General Notes: He was previously married to Elizabeth Marsh who died 21 Dec 1696 shortly after their marriage. Joseph and Sarah (Collier) Pratt had seven children

   5 F    iv. Elizabeth COLLIER 28,37,38 was born in 1675 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut,28,37,38 died on 7 Dec 1729 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut37,38 at age 54, and was buried in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut.39

Burial Notes: Her tombstone inscription; "Mrs. Elizabeth Buell, wife of Mr. William Buell, Daughter of Mr. Joseph Collier of Hartford died Dec 7, 1729 aged 54 yrs."

Elizabeth married Ensign William BUELL,28,37,38 son of Samuel BUELL 38 and Deborah GRISWOLD,38 in 1705 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.37 William was born on 18 Oct 1676 in Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut37,38 and died on 7 Apr 1763 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut38 at age 86.

General Notes: After his wife Elizabeth died he remarried 23 Apr 1730 Martha Smith and after she died he married 12 Nov 1751 Mrs. Jerusha Dean. Ensign William and Elizabeth (Collier) Buell had seven children.

   6 M    v. Abel COLLIER 27,28 was born in 1677 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut28 and died in 1697 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut28 at age 20. He had no known marriage and no known children. 27

Death Notes: His property valued at 61, 16s, 2d was distributed to his brothers and sisters.

   7 M    vi. John COLLIER 40,41 was born in 1679 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut40 and died on 2 Aug 1730 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut26,41 at age 51.

General Notes: At the annual town meeting held in Hartford, December 25, 1701, he was chosen one the Chimney viewers "for the north side" and was re-appointed in the following year. In December 1713, he was chosen one of the Fence viewers for the North Meadow. He was admitted for full communion in the First Church of Hartford June 16, 1723. His will was dated 7 Jul 1730 and proved 12 Jan 1731. An inventory of the estate was taken 13 Nov 1730, value 622-06-02, of which 379 was in landed property. In his will he referred to his occupation as that of a weaver. John and Elizabeth (Humphrey) Collier had five children.

John married Elizabeth HUMPHREY,28,42 daughter of Samuel HUMPHREY 26 and Mary MILLS,26 on 4 Jul 1705 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.26.,36 Elizabeth was born on 22 Apr 1684 in , , Connecticut.

   8 F    vii. Abigail COLLIER 28 was born in 1682 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut,28 died on 28 Oct 1742 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut at age 60, and was buried in Berlin, Hartford, Connecticut.

Burial Notes: She was buried at the Christian Lane Cemetery.

Abigail married Samuel PECK,28,43 son of Paul PECK 43,44 and Elizabeth BAYSEY,43,44 on 6 Mar 1700 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.28.,36.,43 Samuel was born in 1676 in West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut,43 died on 9 Dec 1765 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut at age 89, and was buried in Berlin, Hartford, Connecticut.

Burial Notes: He was buried at the Maple Hill Cemetery.

General Notes: Samuel and Abigail (Collier) Peck had ten children.

+ 9 F    viii. Susannah COLLIER 28,45 was born in 1684 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut28,45 and died before 1727.46

   10 F    ix. Ann COLLIER 28 was born in 1687 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut and died on 13 Jul 1764 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut at age 77.

Ann married Henry BRACE,47,48,49,50 son of Stephen BRACE 52 and Elizabeth HOLIDAY,53 on 30 Jan 1706 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.36.,51 Henry was born on 15 Mar 1680 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut and died in 1751 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut51 at age 71.

General Notes: He was a Carpenter. The value of his estate taken in 1751 was 978-05. Henry and Ann (Collier) Brace had eleven children

Ann next married Jonathan SEDGWICK,54,55 son of Samuel SEDGWICK 56,57 and Mary HOPKINS,56,57 on 6 Apr 1758 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.51 Jonathan was born on 29 Mar 1693 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut57 and died on 16 Aug 1771 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut at age 78. They had no children.

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